Flames without connection

Do you love the cosiness of fire and warmth, but do not have a chimney, gas connection or flue? Then opt for cosiness without combustion or emissions. With a bioethanol fireplace you create a beautiful play of flames.

No harmful substances

Bioethanol is a pure type of alcohol or bio-fuel that is produced sustainably from biomass. The great advantage of bio-fuel is that, unlike fossil fuels, no harmful substances are released during combustion - including CO or smoke. All that is released is water vapor and CO2, just like breathing. That's why you don't even need a chimney or exhaust for a bioethanol fireplace. You place your bioethanol ambient fireplace wherever you want.

Atmosphere and warmth

Bio fireplaces are primarily designed to create atmosphere. In addition, they also provide effective heat. The average system with a fire line of 60 cm already gives 3.5kW, which is comparable to a good radiator. This product is not suitable for use as a primary heater.


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