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Whether you choose a built-in fireplace or a freestanding fireplace, wood is always the right choice. Because nothing is as cozy as a burning wood fire. However, it is always important to consider whether your main desire is warmth or atmosphere. A wood-burning fireplace with a high efficiency burns extremely efficiently and creates a lot of heat. Other wood-burning fireplaces are specially designed to do justice to the play of flames.

Variety of wood burning fireplaces

You have wood burning stoves in all sizes and types. Choose a metal wood stove with a modern design and highly efficient combustion, or go for a wood stove clad in soapstone. This type of stove retains heat longer, so you'll still be enjoying the warmth of your wood stove hours after burning.

Wood fires AND the environment

We advise you so that you make an informed choice. Burning wood is not harmful to the environment, as long as you do not use harmful waste wood. Moreover, we respect the environmental legislation for wood-burning stoves. Wood-burning stoves are cleaner, create less soot and the risk of chimney fires is considerably lower. Ask for more info in our showroom.


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